As the setting sun casts light upon the surface of the water, rippling from the splash of the falls, the reflections dance upon tree canopies and the ceiling of your porch.  Entranced by the light play and mesmerized by the sounds of running water, singing birds and frogs, you can breathe a sigh of relief as you rock in your rocking chair or swing in your swing.  It has been a long day, but its over now, and you've made home to your peaceful retreat: your water garden.

That is, assuming you chose a quality installer to handle the project.  For, on the other hand, if you did not ask for any references, or ask to see any examples of their work, you may have fallen victim to another failed installation, a leaking water feature!  In this case, the end of your day is met with the headache of calling your contractor to ask why your pump is sucking air, and why the waterfall is not running. Or any number of other failures that one might encounter when operating a poorly constructed water feature.

In short, the best and easiest way to know the difference between a quality water feature and one that is not, is by measuring the ease of enjoyment.  A water feature does not have to be anything extravagant or technically complex to be wonderful. It simply has to work, headache free! Some features can easily be built recreationally by homeowners and friends.  As long as the proper homework has been done, and the work is completed carefully, a great depth of relaxation can be appreciated for years to come.

One last thing to comment on regarding the level of enjoyment, is the importance of enjoying the process of building the feature.  Whether building it with friends, or hiring a professional, the entire operation should be, above all, fun! Make sure that your end result does not become tainted by dealing with a frustrating relationship.  Creating water features is a unique experience, which provides unique opportunities to build great relationships. Ideally, this experience will become part of your enjoyment when reflecting upon your water feature.