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Lighting is a crucial element in any well-designed landscape. With the proper illumination, your home and garden will emanate a warm, welcoming glow, while highlighting the beauty of your landscape in new ways. In addition, proper lighting showcases the unique architectural details of your home.  Installing our custom deisigned lighting systems will add a richness, depth, and dimension to your property you never knew existed. Additionally, lighting systems add security to your home in more ways than one.  A well-lit property is a deterrent to thieves.  Equally as important, a well-lit walkway can help ensure the safety of you and your guests, allowing you to find your footing in the evening hours.

Creative Garden Spaces Inc, Oak Ridge NC, tree house, playspace, woodwork, night lighting, landscape lighting

Do not be fooled in to thinking that all landscape lighting desings are equal.  Always ask to see examples, in person, not just photos.  There can be fewer things as gawdy as an over-lit home and landscape.  Our approach is one of subtlety and taste.  Creative Gardens Spaces Inc. takes the time to develop a conscientious plan that will enhance, and not overpower your property with bright, hot lights that do little to improve the overall appearance.  Instead, we prefer a minimalistic approach, seeking artful composition with functionality and perfomance.  


Also, the careful selection of fixtures adds tremendously to the experience of your garden.  Some fixtures are themselves sculptural features that add personality to a pathway or pergola, while others remain obscured, invisible sources of subtle illumination. 

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As with many industries, new advances in technology continue to bring us more efficiency and convenience to the lighting systems we install.  We are constantly looking at new trends in not just landscape lighting, but in PCD’s (Personal Communication Devices), home electronics, and even home automation.  LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology has become one of the most important changes to this industry in a long time.  These systems require less power to run, less raw material to install, and above all, they require less money to maintain over the many years they will be enjoyed in the garden.  The LED bulbs last five times longer, five more years, than the standard halogen bulbs.  What does this mean for the prospective lighting client?  In short, these lighting systems are more environmentally friendly and a great way to keep your garden just a little more “Green”.
Our transformers have built-in circuit breaker protection to keep the system safe in the event of a damaged cable.  Additionally, our fixtures and transformers are offered in a variety of finishes, so you can select the ones that best match your home’s exterior and complement your own personal taste.  A lighting system is a highly personal undertaking, allowing you to create special areas of interest in your garden, and ultimately creating endless satisfaction for you as the homeowner.  It is Creative Garden Spaces Inc.'s pleasure to handle all of your landscape lighting needs.
Here are just a few or the professional grade brands that we carry: