Koi Pond


The most popular choice is the Japanese Koi, for its brilliant contrasts in color that hold both beauty and meaning. In Japanese culture, the Koi was a symbol of good fortune. Their torpedo- shaped bodies made their graceful movements fluid and effortless, allowing them to glide through the water with undisturbed ease. Because of this, Koi were very elusive, and were hardly ever seen in their native environments. So on the rare occasion that you might catch a glimpse of one swimming by, it was to be considered a blessing.


In today's water gardens, however, people have found a high level of trainability in Koi that make them a delight to have as pets. Many enthusiasts find excitement and enjoyment in feeding their Koi on a daily basis, as the Koi will learn to recognize not only the time of day for feedings, but also the sound and appearance of their food toting companions.