Creative Garden Spaces Inc, custom tree house construction


Having your very own place in the world is a big deal. I remember buying my first piece of property when I was 18 and thinking Wow, I own this little piece of the world. Within the boundaries of this property, I can come visit, entertain and camp out here whenever I want and no one can tell me to leave. This reminded me of a time when I was much younger and had dug in a hidden fort into a hillside or when my brother and neighbor went and built a mansion size tree fort out of materials we had borrowed  from a near by shed.


Having your own place in the world must be a basic instinct with most of us. It makes you feel confident and like you belong. Even with the technologies of today, social media, cell phones, and clicks in schools,  I think kids struggle even harder with finding out who they are and where they belong.


 I think kids still should feel like they have that place that they own, feel confident and like they belong to something important and even that something important belongs to them.  I wanted my kids to have this experience and wanted to create a place that was just as unique as they are. We had the regular swing set / playset with a slide for a number of years, but I wanted to provide a home type feel that they too could use to entertain, camp out, and even call their own.


I began doing sketches in 2009 of a crooked little house that took many forms. I began collecting materials starting with some old barn wood I saw on the side of the road that was for free. I also had helped my good friend Ed Martin, remove a Giant double trunked cedar that had fallen in his yard. I loaded the 10’ length logs on  a trailer and hauled them home. The last piece I collected was a 6’ diameter reinforced concrete manhole type of pipe that would later support the whole structure. I got this piece for next to nothing from the manufacturer as it was spec'd to have a hole drilled into one side and was never used by the state.  

Creative Garden Spaces Inc, custom tree house construction

It made sense for me to begin the construction of this crooked cabin since I thought I had at least 60% of the materials with very little money invested.  Just like the old days, I never really knew where the rest of the materials would come from, I just knew they would come.

On the day I started, I completely rearranged the orientation of the tree house from what was drawn and from that point started the design process all over in my mind.

I failed to mentioned before, that the location in which I wanted this tree house, there were no suitable trees so I decided to make one.Creative Garden Spaces Inc, custom tree house construction, faux tree, concrete sculpting Along with two large cedar post, I used the concrete pipe as the main support structure for the house. I built a steel and lath wire frame to look like a wind swept tree trunk. The walls and roof lines, I wanted to have swag and and a dilapidated character. I wanted it to look as if the overly confident  “papa bear” from the Berenstain Bears built it himself.

The treehouse was a joy to build and my kids helped right along the way. It took us about a year of weekends and some summer nights to build. I know they will have fond memories playing in their tree house and even building it with their dad. I know for me it was, and may always be, the most important  project  I have belonged to or been a part of.

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